Control blood loss by applying direct pressure and raising the injured part above the casualty's heart. Place a sterile dressing or a non-fluffy clean pad on the wound, and secure it with a bandage. Treat the casualty for shock Call 999/112 for emergency help. Tell them amputation is involved. Monitor and record vital signs - level of response, breathing and pulse - while waiting for help to arrive. Wrap the severed part in kitchen film or a plastic bag. Wrap the package in gauze ...Read More


First, reassure them and ask them to breathe slowly and deeply which will help them control their breathing. Then help them use their reliever inhaler straight away. This should relieve the attack. Next, sit them down in a comfortable position. If it doesn’t get better within a few minutes, it may be a severe attack. Get them to take one or two puffs of their inhaler every two minutes, until they’ve had 10 puffs. If the attack is severe and they are getting worse or becoming exhausted, o...Read More